Hoard less…

Humans are naturally wired to hoard. I mean come on man, since the beginning of time we’ve been trying to figure out how to store energy so we can survive a famine, drought, or some other kinda natural disaster. Humans are hoarders, not just the crazy ones.

Most humans, in the world of work, hoard ideas. They think the best way to survive and even thrive is to hold onto their ideas and maintain some kinda competitive advantage through excluding others. We’ve been forever told that this is a competitive advantage both inside and out. So, we hoard. The BTL builder brings a different perspective. We believe the best teams, like the Golden State Warriors, share. The reason the Warriors are so hard to beat is because the ball moves at a blurrying pace. Harden and Houston play isolation ball and it’s good, not great. Harden is a hoarder.

Today, during practice 41, we talked about an innovative idea and how it found a home in one particular team. This team has run with it and it’s good. We’re not sure where it’s gonna go when it’s “shared,” but it’s scary thinking about it because there will be lots of dropped balls when less skilled teammates are given the chance to play, if you will. We’re learning to hoard less – share more. This practice was freakin’ magic because we dealt with real stuff and came up with ideas together. This team is beginning to trust each other enough to share things that kinda scare them. So, today, the ball got passed around a bunch and with every new touch, more clarity came. We had plenty of confusion along the way. Always works this way, friend.

Humans are wired to hoard. The elite learn to share. I mean come on man, just watch LeBron tonight. He’s the best player on the planet in his profession and what does he do all day and all night? He passes the ball with precision, rebounds like his life depends upon it, and makes everybody else better along the way. He’s still building skill, filled with passion, and giving a full measure of effort. Sound familiar?

Hoard less. Share more. Good luck, Cavaliers. The Warriors are a worthy foe. Good…

1 thought on “Hoard less…

  1. Jordan Peterson recently ranted about how — whether it’s rats, an older dog with a puppy, or a dad with his young son — if the younger/little one doesn’t get to play or get the ball at least 30% of the time, the result is always the same: The younger/little one shuts down. If you are leader with a team which is shut down, look in the mirror – you have exactly the team you deserve. This is why we practice the way we practice at BTL. Best practices are the kind of practices Chet just wrote about here. Now you know even more of the why.

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