Process reminder…

Yesterday, during BTL team practice 73 with a team of OSU grapplers, we heard from Nato about what he’s learning from Seligman’s masterpiece Learned Optimism. We will invest the next few team practices focused on his learning and making it our own. As Joey discovered when thinking about his current adversity, we all overthink at some point. Joey is up in his head over the chance to make a world team with the obstacle in the way being a teammate. Tough stuff for sure.

Here’s the reminder I gave him. The elite prepare the same regardless whether the competition is against friend or foe, loved one or loathed one. The elite prepare the same whether it’s for the NBA Finals or the eighth seed in the first round. The same is true in the world of “real work.” The elite in my world prepare the same for practice one as they do for practice 73. My preparation routine is the same regardless how many outsiders are in the room, how many executives are missing, or any other variable beyond my control.

You cannot control all the variables to your outcomes, friend. You control effort. You control preparation. You control your response to adversity and to opportunity. You control how you explain events to yourself in the heat of the moment or the quietness of a MOT (moment of truth). Remember, amateurs focus on outcomes. Pro’s focus on the process.

What’s your process, friend? Focus here. Good…

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