Season five…

Today, Miss and I are putting the final touches on our dream trip coming up to Italy. She greeted me with all the opus (labor of love) she completed last night regarding the last two days of our trip in Florence. The statue of David, Michelangelo’s masterpiece, took something like four years to complete. Modern man seems to have forgotten that mastery, of any kind, isn’t happening in the blink of a swipe or two. Mastery requires you to marry the mundane and embrace the long, rugged climb up whatever happens to represent your Tuscan terrain. Masters, remember, resist impulse. Masters keep showing up and see the goal beyond the grind, focus on faith more than fear, and find meaning and purpose in the seemingly mundane.

This afternoon, Grappy and I will meet just north of OSU campus. We’ll share a smile, laugh, and compare our notes for BTL team practice 74 with his team of Olympic and NCAA champion hopefuls. You see, we are beginning season five together. This year, we’re starting the incoming class with a jolt of BTL just by themselves. So this afternoon a bunch of 18-19 year old grappling greats in the making, are going to get their first exposure to mastering the art of living. Grappy and I are gonna wake them up to the reality that there is more to life than simply leaving it all on the mat. You see, unlike most normal leaders, Grappy believes it’s his job to do more than coach world class wrestlers. Grappy believes he’s in the business of building men.

Whatever business you believe you’re in, leader, you better believe you’re in the business of building individuals, teams, and leaders into ONE, distinct and deeply connected. Deep unity within and with others is the elixir of the elite. You cannot build this kinda trust without deliberate practice aimed at this most misunderstood objective. Today, a team of freshmen are getting their first taste. Today, we begin season five together – Grappy and me. We go much deeper today than we did when we held practice one. We’ve had to fight to unite. We’ve learned each other’s language and can now finish each other’s sentences. We’ve learned to accept our differences and play to each other’s strengths. We plan to build men together for as many seasons as we have left. You see, friend, together, we’ve been transformed.

What kinda team are you building? One you can’t wait to get tired with or one you’re growing tired of? BTL team practice gets you tired together and it’s good, really good. BTL team practice is meant for masters like Grappy who see beyond building championships. Grappy is not satisfied with simply winning. He’s aimed at mastering his craft and bringing meaning beyond the mat. Season five, here we come. We’ve got some good work to do. Kinda like Miss and my trip to Italy, I can hardly wait…

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