Practice 75…

Today, we kicked off practice 75 with the three freshmen sharing what they learned from practice 74. We practiced 7 good minutes toward two newbies and the room was electric with energy. I reminded the team that the master EI (Emotional Intelligence) skill is the ability to resist impulse. If you want to go through life smack dab in the mediocre middle, just do what comes naturally. It’s kinda funny to think how we humans are supposedly this most advanced animal, yet if we just follow “our instinct” we aint even coming close to being great. Sit with that one for awhile, friend.

If your aim is excellence, you’re gonna have to actively fight your nature. All virtue, remember, is second nature. Thank God, Captain Sully didn’t do what came naturally when his Airbus 320 was transformed from a jet to a glider, back in the day over Manhattan. You see the reason Sully pulled off the “Miracle on the Hudson” was because he had built the mastery within to toggle between glider and jet as if it came naturally. It did not. Sully had spent countless hours flying both and was even a glider instructor par excellence as his side hustle. Thank God…

Whatever your aim, friend, you’re gonna have to build a better nature to master it. Stop making excuses and start practicing better disciplines. As Kyle Snyder shared with me on the way out of BTL team practice today, most of his reactions to his opponents go against his nature. He’s had to learn to do just the opposite of what “instinct” told him to do when he’s under attack on the mat. He joked it’s funny how going against our instinct is required to go the distance. So friend, don’t listen to me. Take a word from the world’s best wrestler – fight your instinctual urge. Mastering your craft requires the ability to resist impulse. Build skill playing to your strengths and build skills going against what comes so naturally to you. Complex, not complicated. Simple, not easy. Discipline required. Lots of love too.

Practice 75 was freakin’ magic. Eight more great ones over the next two days and then Miss and I are gonna glide on over to Italy. Correction. We’re gonna fly…

1 thought on “Practice 75…

  1. Great one, , Chet. As always, thanks for sharing. I learned that impulses are our default and if we just go with our instincts we can get into trouble. Stepping back and making an intentional decision is where the magic is and the more we can close the gap between impulse and response, the better and more impactful we will become. I’ll apply this by becoming aware of the impulse. Being present with it. Being okay with it but not being a slave to it. As you guys say…simple, not easy. Thx again for the wisdom.

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