Use the gift…

There’s an ancient, African proverb that goes something like this – “Western man wears God on his wrist.” My dad noticed this firsthand back in the 60’s when he took a prop plane from Salina, Kansas and flew to the Congo to do the Missionary/doc dealio abroad. He came back a changed man. I was four years old when he left and turning five when he returned. Traveling has always brought new perspectives to humankind. The Jewish people (world’s first nomads) gave us this gift, as well as many others. Thank God…

This week, Miss and I begin a journey within our journey. We’re headed someplace new and it’s very old. We’ve got some of it scheduled and some of it not. We’ll have twelve days away and come back anew, at least that’s our plan. We love plans and think that with our best laid ones, we’ll someone maximize our time. We have next to no idea.

Here’s a truth about our lives, friend. First off, it’s not a race. We do not remember the start line and have no idea when we’re done. Ever been in a race like that? It’s not a course either. There are not 18 holes laid out for you to measure against. In the end you’re not even gonna know your score. In fact, friend, the most meaningful aspects of life can’t be measured. I mean come on man, what metric tells you you’ve been an excellent father or mother? How do you measure that you’ve been an excellent lover, is it the quantity or quality, or is it something altogether else? How do you know you’ve worked to your potential and discovered your purpose along the way? Is there some measurement for meaning? If so, how do you measure that you’ve discovered who you are and lived as an untethered soul, comfortable in more than your own skin?

Today, during a freakin’ magic one on one practice, I jolted a young lad with this clarity. You see, friend, life is a gift. Our gig as humans is to fully appreciate the gift. A year ago, I gave PJ a gift – my old bike. I could sense he was loving our rides but couldn’t quite keep up on his old heavy. So, it was my great pleasure to give him one of mine. It wouldn’t have been much of a gift, however, if he just let it sit in his garage instead of mine. The giver experiences joy only when the receiver enjoys and uses the gift. Make sense?

Think of life like this. Use the gift. Good…

2 thoughts on “Use the gift…

  1. Safe travels, Chet.

    AND’ing your use of the phrase to “appreciate the gift”… from Sully the Word Geek:

    Appreciate (from the Latin “to place a price on”) has four modern meanings:

    To detect or understand; “I only appreciated the implications just now.”
    To hold in high regard; “I appreciate and respect your opinions”
    To be grateful or thankful for; “I appreciated the insights in your last blog.”
    To grow in value or price; “This precious gem has appreciated in value.”

    Yes, we should appreciate the gift of our brief, fragile, precious, unique lives.

    Bon Voyage, my friend.

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