The missing piece…

Today, during my last practice prior to departure (Italy), I stumbled upon another piece of ccd magic. I’m not sure how this stuff develops into crystal clarity in my mind, leaps out of my mouth, and makes the connection to a few other crazy craniums. I just know it does. And, I know it’s like speaking a foreign tongue to most. Normal. Here’s the missing piece, for the few of you, if you will.

The number one piece toward lasting peace is patience.

The enabler of patience is clarity of priorities. You cannot master thirty priorities. The clarity of your priorities comes from knowing who you are and what’s your aim. BTL core, opus, pop (playbook of PA). Don’t forget the clarity that comes when you don’t have to think in your MOT (moment of truth). Do your realize how peaceful it is to not think when the pressure mounts? Freakin’ magic, friend. Instead of overthinking and getting all caught up in your head, you simply respond to the input of life with internal alignment, toward your external aim, and with an uncommon discipline of your baby step of PA (productive action). Peace is found on the other side of acute pain and it takes patience to sit in the hard stuff for what seems like forever but, in reality, is only for a short while.

The number one piece toward lasting peace is patience. That, friend, is the missing piece. Good…

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