Together we endure…

Endurance, according to Miriam Webster, “is the ability to withstand hardship or adversity; especially: the ability to sustain a prolonged stressful effort or activity.” A more practical definition comes from Samuele Marcora, researcher dude. “Endurance is the struggle to continue against a mounting desire to stop.”

This morning, a few of us pushed ourselves to endure some momentary pain on our pedals. It hurt legs and lungs but only for awhile. This effort required individual and collective willpower. There was a mounting desire to stop. We kept pushing further outside the comfort zone. I rarely do this on my own any more. Seems now that I’m pushing sixty, my will to pain has lessened. So, I make sure that every once in a while I ride with Blondie, Downer, and other studs whose normal pace is not mine. Who I’m with matters most.

This morning a client asked me how do you hit reset when you’re out of gas with regard to your labor, even your labor of love. Sometimes, friend, you simply need to step away and relax, rest, and unwind for awhile. However, in our soft society that’s getting softer, oftentimes you simply need to thrash yourself with the help of a few friends. You will not expand your capacity for work by simply hitting reset by eliminating an e, by rest. If you want to endure the valley, the dip, the desert, or that hard to explain point right before deep change, you’ve got to keep pushing through the hard stuff when turning back is all your mind can seemingly register. And, the best way to build endurance is to find some family, friends, and clients to come alongside and make you do what you can.

Willpower will only take you so far, friend, on your own. Individual and collective willpower can take you through your imagined limits if you’re willing to hit reset by hitting it hard with the help of some high performers who just might humble you as they administer the hurt. Hitting reset is rarely easy. Hit it with the help of a friend or two. Go on, hit it. Embrace pain and suffering. Together we endure more. Together we transform.


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