Always better together…

Today, nine of us departed my house at 6:33 and rode ourselves into the ground for 65 miles and 3 hours 15 minutes. Before we had reached the halfway point, one of my buddies (PJ) who kept falling off the pace, asked me if the road we were on would take him back home. I reminded him it was the road to hell. He shut up and kept going. We made sure he did what he could. He made it back with the rest of us. He did more than he thought he could…

When we study great accomplishment, remember, there’s a team involved. Don’t try to go through hell alone. You gotta do hard things but you don’t always have to do ‘em alone. Today, the team carried me along as my legs felt heavy, my lungs were gasping, and my mind was talking trash. Today, we pulled PJ along. Today, the team pulled me along too. Sometimes you lead from the front, sometimes the middle, and sometimes just by holding on for dear life. You don’t have to always be out front.

You can do more than you think, especially when you surround yourself with tough mothers who make you do what you can. Life is hard and oftentimes hurts like hell. You will not get better turning around and taking the easy way home. You get better by going through whatever stuff the universe throws in your way. The best way to get through it, friend, is to keep going. Like PJ, you gotta keep going. Good work today, PJ. Keep working, friend. And, remember it’s always better together.

Always together. Together we transform. Good…

3 thoughts on “Always better together…

  1. Hey Chet. How powerful is this! You always make me think w whatever you say. You are a great motivator! Thanks so much! Wilma

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