Bennies or the boot…

Here’s a hard truth. The moment you think, leader, you have the wrong leader beneath or beside you, you do. Today, I heard another leader tell me about his concerns about his right hand human. It’s already late.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Once you find yourself questioning who is beside you, you can bet the teams been questioning what the hell you’ve been seeing for quite some time. Every client I’ve ever had waits too long to make a change. Everyone wants to believe.

Hire slow. Fire fast. Give the benefit of the doubt and trust your gut. Most mistakes, leader, are sins of omission not commission. You most likely are waiting too long. I could be wrong, of course. You could be the exception. Your situation could be the outlier. Your gut could be wrong.

Here’s another hard truth. The moment you think you’ve got the wrong leader, think again. You most likely, leader, are the problem. Welcome to the paradox of leading anything, huh. Now maybe you are beginning to see why the best kinda leaders are reluctant ones. God help us all know when to give bennies and when to give ‘em the boot. God help us inform our intuition. God, help us all…

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