This coming weekend, my friend Blondie is gonna complete his first half. Blondie will swim 1.2 miles, bike 56, and then run 13.1 for a total distance of 70.3 miles. He’s been training for this event all season and is going to do all of it beside (mostly behind) his son-in-law Tyler. We will figure out a way to cheer him on and make him do what he can. This dude can do a lot.

So, friend, remember this. Take care of yourself. Get plenty of rest, stretch, calm your mind, and eat food like it’s medicine (because it is). And, push yourself mentally, spiritually, professionally, personally, physically, and relationally. Do not surround yourself with friends who simply want to take it easy.

You and I are meant to do hard things. Hang with humans who encourage you to endure.

Happy to be beside my friend Blondie and a few more like him, hanging in the 3PP, talking trash, laughing, and giving each other courage to keep going through aging parent trials, injuries, cancerous growths, and other obstacles in our way. Happy to be beside a few friends. The comradarie of suffering is so much stronger than the false companion of material success. See you in the water, on the road, and during the run, my friend. It is our great pleasure to be with, to come alongside, and make each other do what we can. Enjoy your time tapering this week, Blondie, and get your mantra ready for the obstacles coming this Sunday. You got this, Due. You got this.

Do hard things with humans who encourage you to endure. Keep working. Good…

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