Calling bulls%$#!…

Recently one of the BTL team practice participants took a shot at me during practice. He accused me of positioning myself as some sort of sage and he found me more comparable to a fool. As I asked him to tell me more, he did. He told me that he found it hard to believe how easily it was to bullshit me. In fact, he claimed, many in our practice were simply going through the motions and likely only attending because of politics and power. His words hurt as I heard them. His words contained much truth in them.

He was calling our work bullshit. He was calling bullshit. Good…

Here is the truth about our work at BTL. Most of our work, whether in team practice or in our one on one practice, is focused on the few. We agree that most of our effort lands on hard, unaccepting, soil. Most of our work is fruitless. We understand that our aim to go deep and not wide is, by definition, the road less traveled. We are not sages and are always saddened when we realize we’ve created that perception. We are simply a part of the few who are focused on changing ourselves and being a catalyst for a few others to do likewise.

So, if you have been given the gift of attending BTL team practice, thank your leader for giving you this opportunity. Do not focus on the bullshit artists around you. Focus on absorbing some nutrition and being good soil yourself. As Ghandi said – “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It is always a few that change any system. Be one, friend.

Your team just got better. Good…

5 thoughts on “Calling bulls%$#!…

  1. Chet,

    Some people get “IT”. Some people don’t. We are here for the people that get “IT”. Keep up the great work. It is easy to say no. So much harder to say yes…

    Jim Gant

  2. The theme of mockers and fools rejecting wisdom is thousands of years old. Jesus warned against casting pearls before swine or they will trample them under their feet and then turn and rend you.

    I have long since made all my practices voluntary and challenge the leaders in the culture to set the edge in practice so the BS artists will not feel comfortable there.

    A sage is defined as someone known for cognitive understanding and applied wisdom. In a culture which rejects any semblance of truth which challenges their own perspective, this is not surprising – according to Friedman (just another sage?) any leader who dares to self-differentiate should expect sabotage – in fact, he writes, this is “actually a sign the leader is functioning effectively.”

    Good work, Toto. Keep building the few who want to be challenged.

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