This morning my Miss woke me up around 3am with her chelation alarm. Oh joy I thought to myself. Oh joy. She’s still working hard to rid her body of toxins and it’s working. An unintended consequence is sometimes she wakes me in addition to waking herself. I laid there for like 3 hours and tried to return to sleep filled bliss, but no luck. Oh, joy…

Grappy, downer, jmo, Littlest Fricker, and I did some core work at 7bells and some change. Mick and the young lad joined us at 7:57 for 55 miles to the west. Miss and I watched the end of the tour, enjoyed a late breakfast together and then she had me take her out on the bike. Yeah, Miss is a cyclist too. She wanted to see how Sherborne hill felt compared to spinning round on the flats. Next she had me work her core for 40 minutes. I didn’t do any work with her, mind you. I just played the role of trainer. All the while my mind kept racing – this Greek/Comanche I married truly was way above my pay grade. All the while I kept thinking how blessed I am. Joy…

Whatever you’re thinking this afternoon, I recommend you listen to a little music (I’m grooving on The National at present), get on the floor with your dog, and thank God for the blessings of this day. You may have plenty of bummers that quickly occupy your mind. Normal. Kinda like Grappy, you may have some real pain in the neck. Life is suffering, remember. You’ve also got plenty to be thankful for. This morning I was blessed by an interrupted sleep. You see, this interruption is a reminder that my beloved is getting better. Joy…

Maybe your day would benefit from a change in your mindset. Maybe your problems are not the real problem. Maybe your problem is the way you’re thinking about your problems, my friend. Read anything ancient, you’ll see. You are not the first, you are not the only, and you and I are not that unique. Life is suffering. Peace is found on the other side of pain. Pain is inevitable. Misery is a choice. Joy is too. You choose what occupies your mind. Choose wisely. Miserable and joyful are not that far apart.

God, help me choose joy. God, help me…

1 thought on “Joy…

  1. If you are into Scripture you will see this same theme prominently — especially in the Apostle Paul’s writings. He is thankful to God, which leads to seeing others as his joy.

    O- thers

    This is the recipe for joy – and true sanity. Thanks Toto!!

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