Sandy soil or bedrock…

Pain is inevitable. Misery is a choice. You can choose what is easy now and life will get harder. You can choose what is hard now and life will, eventually, get easier. Chronic pain is eradicated by acute pain. Peace is found on the other side of the acute stuff. Joy is available always. These are a few of my deeply held beliefs – my worldview, if you will.

The truth is that my problem is not other people or circumstances. My problem is how poorly I perceive other people and circumstances. My problem is found when I peer deeply inside my core and see me at the center. Sounds kinda childish, huh. I mean come on man, shouldn’t we be old enough to realize the world doesn’t revolve around us? I’m amazed how much I’ve aged when I look in the mirror and wonder why the wisdom hasn’t kept pace with the wrinkles. Growing old does not guarantee growing wiser, does it?

Your problem, just like mine, oftentimes is found when we discover how soft and unstable our foundation. Building a self centered core is sandy soil, friend. The reason NYC skyscrapers fly so high is due to the abundance of deep, strong, bedrock. Yes, it’s quite painful and time consuming to chisel and attach to bedrock. However, if you want to build something to stand in the face of difficult people and circumstances, build wisely. You choose.

What, friend, centers you? How do you make sense of this world? What gives life meaning and purpose? Have you taken the time to author your worldview? When was the last time you questioned it? Slow down and sit with these thoughts for awhile.

Sandy soil or bedrock? God, help me build wisely. God, help me…

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