Always the and…

Today the 3PP was filled to capacity again. It’s been awhile. I don’t know how I ended up working out with so many old dudes, I guess it just happened over time and through adversity – kinda like life.

Stud was back in the TRX in spite of his cancer diagnosis. Brett was back even though his travels take him away every week. Slo was back with his healed bicep tendon. Blondie was back after his Ironman adventure this weekend. Grappy was back in spite of his bulging disc and neck pain. Downer was back after bunion surgery and the dull ache of pain that won’t go away. Jmo never left and never lets us know if he’s hurting. PJ was the only regular MIA this mañana. Felt good to have a full house again.

I’m re-reading Behave, by Robert Sapolsky and it’s a great reminder for why this country, America, is so freakin’ special. We’re a collection of outsiders as less than 1% of us are Native Americans. Almost 25% are first or second generation immigrants. We had to build bonds with dudes unlike ourselves to figure out how to get along in a foreign land, if you will. We were all outside our comfort zone at one time or another and this discomfort is the breeding ground for innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurs.

So, friend, get outside your comfortable circle. Mix it up with folks unlike you. And, keep mixing it up with good friends who make you better. Don’t forget the value of old friends alongside the integration of the new. Old and new. Wise and energized. Always the and.


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