Moving toward…

Today, like everyday in BTL team practice, emotions were on display. Our job, as BTL Builders, is to move people. Emotions have been designed by God as our internal early warning system to get going. Healthy humans are not emotion free and healthy humans are not overly emotional. Some of us are ruled by our emotions and kinda wear it all on our sleeves for even casual bystanders to see. Too many people know too much about this unhealthy human. Some of us hide behind a fortress and nothing gets in or out. Nobody knows this seemingly strong man/woman, who eventually finds life behind the fortress as a very lonely way to live.

Today a few leaders were vulnerable. Nobody was scared by what they saw. Nothing rash was said. Trust was built. The right amount of emotion, to the right degree, at the right time, toward the right people, was shared. Your job, leader, is to be tough and tender. You will be vulnerable when leaning against whatever is your tendency. You cannot connect, deeply connect, without risking a loss in control. You see, emotions move us. Oftentimes, we would rather hide, protect, and play it safe. If you want a team to run through the walls with you, you’re gonna have to take a few more risks. You will not move your team until you model the way by moving yourself. Do not hide behind a fortress. Do not overshare. Figure it out, leader.

Tough and tender. Tough and tender, always with humility. Your job, leader, is to move people. Are you worth moving toward?

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