Build, anyway…

Yesterday, during practice 45, a team talked about tough stuff. They are going through some trying times, you could say. Leaders admitted mistakes. Teammates asked hard questions. Transparency and honesty prevailed. Leaders challenged other leaders. The owner pushed the tension to its rightful owner. Real. Hard. Work.

Today, he and I talked about it. We held a short practice of our own. We do this all the time – when no one sees. When I look back at the progress with any BTL teams, it comes more often than not from the work the leader is doing after hours, in between practices, with me behind closed doors, and, most importantly, on their own. The BTL leader understands they cannot take anyone further than they’ve gone themselves. Tough stuff for certain.

There are no self managed companies. There are no companies with every seat filled by a soul on fire. There are no companies where everyone acts like an owner. There are only a few in any system that do most of the heavy lifting. Your system does not need another snowflake. Your system does not need another whose taken up residence in victimhood. Your system does not need another whiner who is always complaining to coach that nobody throws them the ball.

Your system needs you to open your mind, learn new skills, get comfortable outside your comfort zone, and push yourself for performance. Build anything, leader, and obstacles will find you. Build anything beautiful and durable, and bigger obstacles will block you. Fact. Today, during another difficult one on one (unscheduled practice), a leader decided to double down on a couple new productive actions. He’s got messes in work, at home, in community, and seemingly all around him. He’s made a hard call because he gets the gig. His decision?

Build, anyway…

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