War on Drugs…

The War on Drugs is a great example of an epic fail in our country. We are not winning the war on drugs, friends. We are the most drugged population on the planet, here in the land of the free and home of Big pharma. Actually, The War on Drugs is one of my favorite bands. Funny, like so much of life, words alone are not the problem or the panacea, it’s the context that matters most. And most context is open to interpretation…

Back in the day, there was no war on drugs. I guess, it was all good until we selectively demonized what we didn’t understand. Cannabis can help performance and heal. Psilocybin has provided relief and opened doors to levels of consciousness we’re just beginning to understand. It was once used by progressive docs back in the 1950’s to offer “natural” relief, if you will. We kinda freaked out in the mid 60’s and banned it and many others. We went to war overseas with North Vietnam and at home with ourselves. Like a bad trip, it kinda feels like not much has changed.

So, friend, why don’t you take some time this Monday to open your mind. Instead of going to war with someone on your team (funny we mostly war with our own), go give them a listen. Try to understand them instead of going all thermal nuclear on them. Give them a listen. When you speak, ask them to play back what they heard. You’ll be surprised how oftentimes your own words (ones you thought were soothing/healing), ignited an offensive in another. I know this happens to me all the time. Many BTL team practices that seem like a magic carpet ride to me are some kinda demonized trip to hell for another. They took my words in and opened a wound instead of my intention to try to open their mind. They walked away silently and then began to wage war. This happens all the time. Sow down and sit with this thought for awhile.

Listen to the band – The War on Drugs. My son, Jordan, turned me on to them. They are worth a listen. Listen to your team. Understand them. Play back what you hear them saying and ask them to do the same. Most conflict, remember, is simply a conversation to be had. So, before you escalate things, before you prepare for war, go have a talk. Talk. Speak and listen, BTL style. Focus on listening.

Today, I’m in Chitown trying to bring a few tribes together. We’re not going to war within or with each other. We’re going to work and learn to work together. I feel better already. How ‘bout you, friend?


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