Your natural state is to be lazy. The brain, remember, doesn’t know any better. So, when given the option, the brain is gonna tell you to hit snooze. “It’s 4:15 am, Robert. You’re tired. One day off won’t hurt anything.” This is the untrained brain speaking smack to it’s owner. This is human nature. Today, Robert built a better nature – a second nature. He ignored his brains attempt to save energy and wrote me to tell me it was one of his best workouts in quite awhile. He’s training his brain. Are you?

Today, another Robert, was told by yours truly that he’s getting fat and lazy. He didn’t disagree. We got out the 8 playbook and got busy. He devoured the lesson like somebody building a better nature ‘cause he is. I love kicking his ass and allowing him to return the favor. We walked out with a couple PA’s each. Together we transform. Together. Always together, friend. Who are you transforming with, friend? It’s human nature to be lazy. Fact. Your natural state is energy save mode, friend.

Find a friend. Fight it. Always together. Good…

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