Naive to native…

Today another team tasted BTL team practice. Some drank from this crazy fountain for the first time. A few of them understand BTL language and a few understand the language of their teammates. Most speak some form of English, but it’s not anyone’s native tongue. Like some kinda naive child, we all accept others words and interpret ‘em as if we’ve said ‘em instead of taking the time to “play back what we heard” and truly learn what was meant. We’re so naive, aren’t we?

Words matter. Assume less. Learn the native tongue. Don’t be so naive.

Let me practice being ccd (clear, concise, direct). I speak Chet, first and foremost. Chet, you see, is my native tongue. You speak something based on where you’re from, how comfortable you are within, and, oftentimes, depending on who you’re with. You want someone to get you and be fully vested in figuring you out. You feel so misunderstood by most and yearn for some deeper connection but you’re just not sure how to simply be you, remove the mask, and speak your mind. You want to be transparent but my God you’ve been burned so badly when you gave too much trust to another. So, you play it safe. Talk all kinda politically correct, sound good, and let next to nobody in.

Flip the script,friend.

Take the time to get someone on your team. Unpack their words and learn the meaning. Do not accept the mask. Make another so comfortable that they want to remove their fortress and let you in. Get them. Give them the gift of understanding. Don’t be so naive. Move from being naive to a master of anothers native tongue. As you give this gift of understanding, you too will receive. Trust me. You’ll see.

Naive to native. Who knew the missing “t” could make such a difference. Good. Btw – Do you know why I finish most of these rants with the word good? I didn’t think so. Why don’t you ask me sometime? Good…

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