Today, a friendly ghost asked me why I end rants with the word “good.” Here’s the long way ‘round.

Friend, “distinct and deeply connected” is a catchy phrase. It’s meant to be. However, distinct and deeply connected is much more than words you mouth to sound cool or kinda all BTL, if you will. Distinct and deeply connected describes the kind of oneness we’re trying to build within ourselves, the individuals we build, and the teams we have the privilege of practicing with. You see, friend, we want you to become distinctly who God designed you to be and form deep connections with the teammates around you. The good life is found here – deep unity within and with others, a few others. Distinct and deeply connected describes real community, the kind you can’t imagine until you’re in it, the kind we’re building at k-dev, Eddie Jones, DePauw University, CCC, Whataburger, White Castle, OSU Women’s Basketball, OSU Men’s Wrestling, Choice, BeecherHill, Lockton KC, Lockton Chicago, HCM, ASF, Homeside, and a few more.

Distinct and deeply connected is never easy but always worth the work.

So, friend, don’t get discouraged and tell yourself that you and your partner aren’t ever gonna get there. Instead, replace the childhood script with one from today. Remind yourself to keep working, keep putting forth a full effort, and that as long as you’re still breathing you’re good. And, Casper, that is why I end nearly every rant with the word good. You see, the SEAL’s use this word when they communicate with each other. When they ask another SEAL how he’s doing, the response is either good or silence. Their belief is that nothing is taking them out of the fight except death itself. So, in their mind, they’re always good. I use it as a reminder to me. My personal mantra is two words – keep working. I whisper these to myself all the time and they keep me calm and keep me going. Thanks for asking, Ghostly. Now you know a bit more about what makes our band so distinct and deeply connected. As Bono said so eloquently – “We are one but we’re not the same.”

Keep working. Good…

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