Practice 78 and 62…

Last night I facilitated team practice 78 with a team of OSU grapplers. This early morning it was JL team practice 62. To many this would look like a master simply marrying the mundane. It was not.

You see, friend, when you know what you want and tell your brain that you’re living the dream every day, it feels like the perfect combo of challenge and contentment. Last night I couldn’t wait to hear what the newbies were gonna bring alongside old Nato, Kollin, Keyshawn, and the other crafty veterans. This morning it was amazing to see the youthful exuberance of a young lady learning with a cagy veteran who wasn’t having his best day (self professed).

Masters appear to marry the mundane. In their mind, it’s quite different. Masters don’t see repetitive practice, lifting, sparring, lease ups, turn downs, or turn ups as mundane. Masters see the reps as opportunities to further their mastery. The mind of the master is lit even when doing what they’ve done before. You see, the mind of the master doesn’t even notice the shiny objects available in their peripheral vision. The master sees what’s in front of them because they know what they want, why it matters, and what its gonna take to keep moving toward it. Masters, remember, are men/women on a mission. In their mind, regardless how many layers exist between them and their positional leader, it’s their mission. Do not miss this, friend.

Want to build this kinda mastery as a leader? Want to feel like you’re on a mission? Start here. These are the first ingredients to mastering anything, friend. Once you immerse yourself in these two you will leave the mundane in the rear view mirror. You cannot get too much of these two either. And, you can always build more of both. The big two?

Love the work. Love the team. Good…

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