Make time…

Today, during practice 46, we talked about what gives a boat poise. Specifically, what gives a sail boat poise.

Today, we face a crisis of leadership. We have an abundance of leaders looking good with their big, bright, high flying sails out cruising in the harbor for all to see. Many look good. Few, however, are good. The majority of our leaders have little ballast in their keel. Watch what happens when the next 2008 kinda correction blows up against their boat, you’ll see. It is easy to look good when the seas are calm and you spend most of your time doing parade laps in the safety and security of the harbor. What, my friend, are you focused on? Looking good and rising in your system? Making sure you’ve got the brightest boat in the harbor for all to see? Or, are you putting weight in your keel where no one sees, but you know?

Be good. Do good. Enough that matter will notice. Focus here.

Size matters, just not the kinda size the world can see. Build your BTL, figurative core, my friend. The time you’re gonna need it is not the time to start. Most humans make the mistake of waiting too long. Funny, they allowed their mind to tell them there wasn’t enough time. There is never time, friend. Poise under pressure comes from a strong BTL core. This takes a ton of time. The higher your sail, the proportionally deeper your need for more ballast below and the less time it seems you’re gonna have to do it. Build here, leader. Even keeled leaders are built with ballast. Ballast below the waterline. Ballast that nobody sees until the crucible simply reveals. Build here even though your brain keeps telling you there’s no time. Today, a team of leaders took the time to practice during their crucible. This team is making progress because they continue the discipline of practice in spite of their increasing time pressures. Today, they practiced without the leader present. It felt no different. The level of thinking and dialogue was not different without the presence of the president. This is progress. This is a result of team practice. Love seeing this good stuff that most don’t make the time to manufacture. This team is building the elixir of great teams – deep trust.

Where oh where do they find the time?

There is never time. The BTL leader understands they have to train the brain and make time. Make time. Good…

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