Time, by Jim Gant…

Jim Gant is my cousin Ann’s husband. He is a warrior poet. You may remember meeting the two of them when they were here in the Fall of 2016. These two (she is a warrior poet as well) lived and fought alongside the Pashtuns in war torn Afghanistan. Ann’s book American Spartan Is a worthy read if you’ve not already picked it up.

Jim wrote me yesterday to tell me it was no coincidence that he had written a rant about time just before reading mine. His is much deeper, wider, and more thought provoking. Please take a few minutes and let this warrior poet awaken you, my friend. His piece is titled Time. Check it out…

“Time is one of our many illusions. Time is not linear. It does not follow a straight line. There is no true past, nor a true future. There is only now. Past, present and future are woven together in a manner that makes time – one moment. Time does not move from past to present to future. People say that the past creates the future. This is not true. The present creates the past and brings in the future. It is now that matters, it is now that you can change the future. It is what you do this moment. This day. Today. Time does not work in reverse for us. Your past has no power. None. It was the present that caused your past. If we know so much about time – why can’t you answer the question, “When were you created?” Think about it. When? When you were born? When you were conceived? When were your parents conceived? Their parents? And on and on again into the past until there is nothing.

Nothing except God.

God created time or there would never be a beginning or an end. It is God who stands outside of any time. He is Time. All events are connected – not just backwards – but forward as well. These connections don’t just move through time but also space. This fact and the fact that we are all ‘children of God’ connects us all. All of Creation is one. The One. Time is continuous. It is 360 degrees. It is the most multi-dimensional of all God’s creations – along with light (Light) and love (Love). Sound came out of silence. Light came out of darkness. Time came out of void. And God created them all.

We all have a choice. We make it each and every day, hundreds and thousands of times. Do you choose to live in the shadow of the past? Do you choose to toil in the shadow, of the shadow, that is the future? Or do you choose to live in the light of now? The choice is yours. God lets you decide what you do with the ‘now’ – the ‘present’ that He gives you. Your life, this life, is but a blink in the infinity that is time. But that small moment that is your life is meant to be lived. Not in fear, but in hope.

Transcend the limits that you feel about time. Time is what you have – the time that is now. God is not within time or any timeline. He is not a moment by moment Being, but an infinite, mysterious Spirit who can be found in a blink of an eye. You can stop time by listening to yourself and hearing God’s feint call to you. You can see it in the world, you can hear it in the world, you can smell it in the world, you can taste it in the world, you can feel it in the world. You can even contemplate about all of those senses and think about the world. But when you are done doing all of these things – you will understand that time has passed, yet again. Those moments are gone and yet, you still have time. What will you do with it? God alone can give you infinite attention. He wants you to take advantage of time. Love. Live. Be good. Do good. Be with. You are as important to Him as anyone ever born. Claim that fact. Time is yours. It is a gift.


Thanks, friend, for taking time to let Jim’s words sear your soul. Thanks, American Spartan and Ann Scott Tyson for searing me from Seattle. Your words make me feel like you’re both beside me. Your words bring light, love, and the healing, soothing power of truth. May you sense God’s blessing and presence.


5 thoughts on “Time, by Jim Gant…

    1. My name is Tom Darden. I attended the infantry mortar leaders course with Jim. He is by far one of the best warriors I’ve ever met. We became fast friends for the duration of the course. I was fortunate enough to have crossed paths with him again at Ft. Bragg in September 2001 during the time of the attacks. I would love to make contact with him again. He’s a good man who’s been given a raw deal. Had I never met the man all I would need to know is that he brought his men home. That’s the top award as combat leaders we all strive for. If by chance you speak to him, please let him know I would love to talk with him again. If not, at least tell him SFC Darden says hello!

  1. I am Joseph A. Beasley MSG, USA SF Retired, and cooperating with James A. Guest MG, USA SF Retired. Would very much like to speak with Major Jim Gant as soon as possible on mutual topics. Is you can pass this along to him it would be greatly appreciated. My email is joebeasley@northstate.net.

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