Reach and repeat…

Your problem is not that you are stressed out. Stress is neutral. Stress is simply a challenge designed to cause growth. Hyperstress is when you have more challenge than capacity. Boredom is when you more capacity than challenge. The sweet spot for the elite is just this side of panic, just this side of chaos, where the challenge is just beyond the reach of your current capacity. Your job, if you’re a leader, is to know your comfort zone, challenge zone, and panic zone. And, you’ve got to know each of these zones for your teammates.

If you want to lead a high performance team, you’ve got to get uncomfortable. Growth comes when you take up residence just this side of chaos. This is where the elite live.

How ‘bout you? What zone are you and your team living in? What are you doing to expand capacity? Who needs a bigger challenge? Who can’t handle the ones they’ve got? What are you doing about it? Don’t get distressed about this challenge, leader. This is your job. Stop being soft. Instead embrace some acute pain and make yourself and your team do what they can. Reach. Stretch. Fail. Build competence. Ask for help. Reach. Stretch. Grab hold. Build confidence. Reach and repeat.


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