We’re all one…

Yesterday, during practice 263, someone said something that is worth repeating. She said it matter of fact as if it were a clean, neutral, innocuous truth. Reflecting on a biography she had just read, she acknowledged that up until this aha moment her BTL core writings were, well, just that – words. Like so many bullshit corporate culture statements printed beautifully on walls across America, her writing was just another exercise in checking the box. Suddenly, she decided her next rinse was gonna simply be her. Freakin’ magic, friend, whenever clarity comes…

Words regarding who you are, why you’re here, where you’re heading, and how you plan to get there will not serve as a very good map and compass if you’re simply completing another corporate exercise, friend. Words matter. Words from deep within matter more. Words you’ve wrestled with, struggled to find, and rinsed until they’re filled with meaning at least to you, matter most. Don’t waste your time trying to make your BTL core words look good and sound good.

Your BTL core is your map and compass.

Life is hard. All of us are lost. None of us are in control. Fear and death are inevitable. Love alone makes sense of this beautiful mess. Love alone transforms you and me from alone to all one – one “L” of a difference indeed. So, friend, don’t rush through the work within. Slowly, incrementally, and pain stakingly try to figure out your biggest construction on this planet – becoming the original you already are, you’re just too afraid to become. Put your thoughts down on paper. Struggle finding them. Keep working. Endure. Once you feel like clarity has come, stamp them on your heart and begin the lifelong journey of living by design not default. With your map and compass in heart (hand too) you are ready to put one foot in front of another and walk it out, work it out, and live life to the full.

God did not make a mistake with you. God designed you with unique gifts, strengths, and abilities. You are designed for good work (Opus) because you are God’s magnum opus (Great work). We’ve been given a good head on our shoulders, a wonderful heart to be filled, and the freedom to figure it out with the help of a few friends. Your BTL core is your map and compass. Make it real. Work it out. Grab a hand, or two, three, maybe even four. None of us is designed to go it alone. We’re all one, remember.

We’re all one. Good…

2 thoughts on “We’re all one…

  1. I oneder if we should add, ‘all one’ to the end of our BTL purpose instead of ‘always together’? Just a thought… great writing Chicker.

  2. Btw the magnum opus scripture reference is Ephesians 2:10 and the original Greek word is “poiema” … we are God’s poem. Now there is some beautiful writing.

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