Grateful or grumpy…

Today, during an early morning one on one practice, a client asked me how does one build more gratitude. A million little ways, was where my mind went in the moment. Let me share but a few.

If you want to build more gratitude, try waking up each morning and thanking God that you are breathing. A couple weeks ago, my old college hall mate, age 60, died suddenly in his sleep. No warning signs. No cancer. No known disease. He just stopped breathing in his sleep. So, when you wake up, be thankful.

When you put your head on your pillow at night, practice the habit of reflecting on all the blessings of the day. Marinate on the positives, the little things, maybe some big things too, that went well that day. Today is only half way over and I have had so many amazing moments to celebrate. You, most likely have too. Focus the mind to acknowledge and celebrate all the beauty, kindness, justice, and good around you. Remember, we are naturally wired for just the opposite…

Read a Proverb and Psalm each morning. Proverbs help you understand how to relate to humans. Psalms help you understand how to better relate to God.

Study history. I’m currently rereading His Excellency. His Excellency is the name given to our first President, George Washington. He was a reluctant leader. When he was leaving office and retiring to Mount Vernon with the revolution won and the foundation of democracy laid, he said something that builds gratitude within me everytime I think about it. He was speaking to future American’s and he said that if we were unhappy it was on us. In essence he was reminding us that his generation fought for freedom and began to order it. Our job is only to maintain it. Do not take it for granted that this experiment had never been done before. We have freedom that few people have ever experienced. What an amazing statement when one ponders it.

Grateful or grumpy. Anyone can grow grumpy overtime and through adversity. No skill required here. Marinate on the blessings. Take nothing for granted. Celebrate the small wins. Give more than you take. You’ll see some gratitude seeping into your system and overtime it will change your mind. Good…

3 thoughts on “Grateful or grumpy…

  1. Tonight I will marinate on how grateful I am to have come to know you, learn from you, work with you, and continue to be inspired by you, Chet. You are an ordinary guy with something wildly, cosmically, fundamentally extraordinary flowing through you. We are the beneficiaries of it. Thank you for being a conduit of that loving consciousness.

  2. Thank you, Chet, for this impactful message. It resonates with me, big time. Every breath, each morning, every day is a gift from God. And…I am reminded that Snow White’s seven friends did not include Grateful. They did include Grumpy, so there is likely a take-home there. May we ever be Grateful, through the blessings and the trials.

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