This is difficult…

I recently heard someone describe one of their associates as “fragile.” The conversation was around how we, as leaders, work with teammates that we discover are fragile. This is a problem. Here is the root.

You, the hiring manager, made a mistake. You went too easy in the interview process, you went too easy when onboarding, you went too easy when explaining the job expectations, and you went too easy when Mr. Fragile missed the mark. This is an epidemic in our modern, corporate world.

Your job, if you’re a BTL leader, is to become anti-fragile and build an anti-fragile team. This is difficult. Start this process by making the hiring process more selective. Do not simply fill seats. Slow down and find the next 5X performer, instead. Remember, the recipe is to hire slo and fire fast. Most of us are doing the opposite. This too is difficult. Once you decide to pull the trigger and take a chance by hiring a newbie, realize that your job as a leader just got more difficult. You now have to onboard another. Do not delegate this responsibility. Sure, if you work for corporate America, you have a sophisticated onboarding process, training process, and performance review process. Use these tools and take your teammate above and beyond. Pour yourself into them and role play, practice, come in early, stay late, do whatever it takes to push them and yourself during their first weeks/months with you. Anti-fragile teams are built by anti-fragile leaders. Go hard. Set high bars. Do this from day 1. Here’s the gig. It is much easier to ease up down the line than it is to toughen up three months in. This is difficult.

Building an anti fragile team is not easy. You can do what is easy now and life, eventually, will get more difficult. You can do what is hard now and life will get easier. Do not wait for anyone else to build you an anti fragile team. Choose wisely, BTL leader.

This is difficult. Good…

4 thoughts on “This is difficult…

  1. Really interesting today, “hire slow, fire fast”…… Love to hear what you think!Me

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  2. Hire slowly. Once you realize you’ve made a mistake, do not wait around. Document what must be done for your teammate to meet the minimum expectations. Put a tight timeframe on it. Talk about it. Address it head on. If the performance turns. Good. If it doesn’t, don’t wait, hesitate, or rationalize. Move on. This is not the norm in our corporate cultures today. We hire too quickly and fire too slowly. The BTL leader flips this norm. Make sense?

  3. By way of definitions, “anti- fragile” is not just something which is durable when stressed and challenged , it gets STRONGER when stressed and challenged.

    Toto is talking about your team not your clients. Depending on what business you are in and who your clients are and what your service is and your worldview is – some of you will be wise to fire fragile clients who don’t believe what you believe – others will be wise to train your team to go all the more extra yards no matter what it takes. In my paid BTL work I do the former – in my unpaid ministry I do the latter with the feinthearted and the weak, but confront the unruly. Pray for wisdom.

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