Marcus’ mantra…

According to C.S. Lewis, my favorite author, you have to read a book six times to understand the aim of the author. I’ve yet to read any book, I guess.

My second go through Marcus Aurelius Meditations Has me growing in appreciation for his life and leadership. According to this translation by C. Scot Hicks and David V. Hicks, Marcus had a mantra. He used these four words to keep him on track while being betrayed by his beloved, fighting off the German tribes, dealing with a playboy son, Commodus, and having one of his generals sabotage him and the entire Roman Empire. He showed uncommon mercy to his enemies both inside and outside the kingdom and is remembered for being the last of the five good emperors. His book was never meant for public display but was simply his handbook for handling the responsibilities of life. His mantra illustrates his leadership philosophy and is a good one for all of us to contemplate and consider thoughtfully.

You see, friend, today we tend toward rationalizing more than thinking rationally. We tend toward blaming others instead of taking responsibility. We tend toward thinking we’re busier people with more distressors than ever before. We tend to think more and more like a nation of victims instead of a nation of free people. Marcus’ mantra might redirect us. Marcus’ meditations might open our eyes. Marcus’ mantra might serve to reset our minds. His mantra?

“It’s up to you.” Good…

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