Always together…

Yesterday, during practice 20 in Chicago, I emptied about half the tank getting into flow during three hours of making a team do what they can. Whenever we practice, the BTL builder loses all sense of self but emerges with a stronger sense of self. Every practice we focus all our attention on those in attendance. Novel idea, huh.

So, yesterday, I was a thorn in a few side. It is my job to get your attention. I mean come on man, how can we awaken, challenge, and transform if your attention is divided when we practice. Remember this, leader. Your team is only partially with you even when it appears they’re locked in. Fact. You see, most of your team is hurting, really, really hurting. Hurting humans do not hear well. Hurting humans are mostly focused inward and counting down the moments to when the pains gonna end. They may be physically with you but their mind is miles away, oftentimes. So, yesterday, I burnt a number of kilojoules getting a really good team to get a little dirty. Actually the aim was to get them to come clean and speak their mind. The move from passive aggressive to performance aggressive always feels a little dirty. We’ve grown so accustomed to bullshit, when we hear real stuff our mind defends, denies, and destroys it.

Wake up leader. Your live in an information vacuum. The team, if you’re lucky, tells you half truths. You have to make it safe and master the art of coming clean by letting the convo get a bit dirty. Funny, huh.

Passive aggressive is the new normal, friend. The move to performance aggressive is only for the few. Yesterday, during practice 20, a really solid team got outside their comfort zone. A couple of the leaders came clean. The CEO was challenged multiple times. The young gun got his butt kicked and it was good. His sidekick set himself to get sideways and he stayed straight. It was a good practice. It was not easy. This team is learning to become performance aggressive. Good.

This morning another team gathered in the 3PP in the wee hours to work our core. It was 30 minutes of kilojoule depletion. Four of us hopped on the bikes before the sun was up and rode like we stole something. 62 miles later and I am kilojoules empty. The tank is on E. We made each other do what we could. We went further and faster because we were together. Nobody was left behind and everybody took their turn on top. We shared the workload according to what each could do. We smiled, laughed, and loved every minute of it.

Accustom your team to doing hard things and emptying themselves doing hard things they deem worth the effort. Hard labor you will disdain as you tire. Hard opus you will sustain as you perspire. Good work Chicago team. Good work 3PP team. Good work. A lone to all ONE. One L of a difference. This is why the BTL band is here. This is why we practice one on one or one on a few. This is why we laugh a lot while we work – we love learning to do hard things well. Hard things we deem worthy. Hard things, friend, are easier when done together.

Together we transform. Always together. Good…

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