Here’s another F word, leader, you need to stop using flippantly. This is one that may surprise you ‘cause it’s not nasty, in fact, it sounds kinda nice. It’s another F word, make no mistake. You see, like so much of life, it’s not the literal use but the insinuation. The word?


Be careful when you use this word, leader, ‘cause it’s usually a loaded one. “This isn’t fair. It’s only fair. What’s fair is fair, right. I just want what’s fair. We’ve given you a fair offer. You’ve been given a fair shot. We have always treated you fairly.” You see, leader, what is fair from your perch is damn near debilitating from anothers. When you fling the word “fair” around without thinking, you are triggering a defensive response in those under your influence. You do not want your team playing defense, do you?

Try this, instead, leader. Tell your teams, partners, and friends that you want them to feel like when they interact with you they’re being treated fairly. Tell them to stop you at any time if they feel you’re being unfair. Tell them you will address it immediately. Tell them your aim is to be fair and you know how high a bar it is.

You just addressed the real F word – Fear. Good…

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