Listen to leverage…

Lets learn a bit about leverage, leader. Earl Thomas (Seattle safety) was holding out for a better deal. He was withholding something his employer wanted. Seattle Seahawk ownership was withholding something Earl wanted – a long term deal. Earl caved. He came back and began to play ball. He got injured in his first game back. He flipped off the bench as he was carted off. He knew he just lost his leverage.

Le’veon Bell (Pittsburgh running back) is still holding out for a better deal. He too wants long term security via a new contract. Ownership wants him to honor the current contract. At the moment, it’s very hard to see which side has leverage. This is why these kinda negotiations take time. It takes time to figure out what will give one side leverage over the other. Every leader would like more leverage with suppliers, customers, associates, and the like. Here’s the recipe for tipping the lever your way. Ready?

Here it is. This may be huge. If you want more leverage, leader, become a master of your craft. Build something beautiful and rare. Become a master of your domain. Le’veon, afterall, wouldn’t have a case if he wasn’t perceived as one of the best in the league. Nothing gives you leverage more than possessing something of great value, leader. Build something worth holding out for. Make sense? And, when your counterpart gets down to brass tacks, listen, really listen. Tune in like an animal being stalked. Read the body language, know what they value, and understand them more deeply than they understand you. You see, leverage is created when we possess something of great value and know more of the hidden motives of our counterpart than they think we do.

Leaders use leverage for good. I hope Le’veon is listening. I hope BTL leaders are too. Le’veon, just like you, can listen his way to leverage. Listen to leverage. Good…

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