Neon Gravestones…

I love music, especially music with meaning. So, this soulful Saturday, I’m grooving on the new Twenty One Pilots album Trench. It’s got one track that takes you back to their last release and the others feel like Twenty One’s next expression of themselves. I love it when bands/artists stay true to who they are, where they’ve come from, and constantly explore new edges and expressions. For me, the tracks titled My Blood And Leaving the City Seem like they would quickly be worn out if the old 8 track were my medium.

Good music moves you and me. Slow down, friend, and give some of your favorites another listen. We cannot become all one when we’re constantly running. We cannot become all one when we’re constantly running on ever cooling embers. We are meant to stay lit by stoking the fire and stoking anothers fire too. We are meant to stay lit by sensing when it’s time to refresh, relax, and re-energize ourselves before we’re buried beneath Neon Gravestones (another great track).

A lone to all ONE. One L of a difference. Of course, the L has gotta be love. Love today, friends. Love friends today. Thanks, Twenty One, for evolving early and often. Love the new sound. Love the challenge to celebrate our Grandparents. Love the challenge to not follow common culture but create, instead, uncommon ones. Love the encouragement to slow down. Love that your mood mellowed but still has some mania. Love the Hype too…

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