Embrace it…

Conflict scares almost all of us. Conflict, however, is not going away as every one of us is, in fact, a house divided. So, if we have conflict within it only makes sense it’s gonna be there with another. Embrace it, friend. Embrace it.

Don’t be afraid. Don’t get angry and don’t aim at getting even either. Instead, employ educated empathy and give and take care. You’ll reach more than just compromise, you will begin to learn how to collaborate. As you turn conflict into collaboration, you will turn one time foes into new found friends. You will open more doors and close more deals. You will begin to believe that conflict is really just a conversation to be had. You will stop hiding behind text, tweet, and begin to talk face to face as you see the world you don’t know (outsiders) as people just like you, only different in an interesting not intimidating kinda way. Very cool…

You see, our purpose at BTL is to be a catalyst for community. The best kinda community is not a clique or cult where everyone seems of similar mind. The healthiest community is where we’ve learned to come together, surface our conflicts, see other perspectives, and have healthy dialogue that doesn’t divide but actually helps us come together and become more whole by coming alongside people who have different holes than we do. As we learn to build this kind of trust we realize that each other’s holes are what make us whole. So good when we stop fearing those unlike us and see each other as distinct ones with whom we just might deeply connect. From hole to whole…

Conflict isn’t all that scary when you think of it in this context. Conflict is, afterall, simply a conversation to be had. You are not meant to go dark. You are not meant to go it a lone, friend. Together, lets transform from a lone to all ONE. Together, lets merge with the team and help others feel included and sense they belong here too. This is really why we’re here, isn’t it?

“Together we transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into one, distinct and deeply connected. One becoming BTL. Together we transform from a lone to all ONE – one L of a difference.” Employ educated empathy, friend. Embody truth in love. Don’t be embarrassed by your holes or exploit others. Come together – give and take care. Be a catalyst for community not another divider focused on differences. You’ll see what you’ve been missing by standing in instead of running away or, worse yet, running over.

Embrace conflict. Embrace it. Together we transform. Always together. Good…

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