Are you prepared…

Our purpose at BTL is to be a catalyst for community. The best kinda community is not a clique or cult where everyone seems of similar mind. The healthiest community is where we’ve learned to come together, surface our conflicts, see other perspectives, and have healthy dialogue that doesn’t divide but actually helps us come together and become more whole by coming alongside people who have different holes than we do. As we learn to build this kind of trust we realize that each other’s holes are what make us whole. So good when we stop fearing those unlike us and see each other as distinct ones with whom we just might deeply connect. From hole to whole.

Today, during team practice 21 in Chicago, we’re gonna come together and practice being curious and challenging, all while remaining calm. Our collective and individuals core’s will be tested. Kinda like I’m learning about U-Boats one hundred years ago, maintaining an even keel is only easy in the harbor. The test comes, as always, in the crucible, when there is no time to suddenly summon the strength.

BTL practice prepares the participant for the coming crucible. We want to teach the teammates to transform together instead of going it a lone. Today, I’ll be tested too. Good thing I’m prepared. How ‘bout you, friend. Are you prepared for the coming crucible? Have you the proper amount of ballast to maintain an even keel? Or, do you sink or rise depending on the pressure? Do you know your tendencies and your triggers? Are you prepared?

Keep working. Good…

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