Tiny disciplines…

Today, during practice 233 with k-dev krazies, I reminded them of something we all might benefit from remembering. We do not break bad habits. We build better ones.

You see, friend, your brain defaults to “energy save mode.” Meaning the more it doesn’t have to think, the better. So, early and often our cranium forms mental models as shortcuts and develops routines, ruts, or rigors that for better or worse become habitualized. The more you do things a certain way, the more myelin (think insulation) you wrap around that particular neural network. For instance, if you default to defending your ground when hearing a contrary position, this will become habitual. Lets say this habit is born at work because you’re a domain specific expert in real estate law. You are a master at winning arguments based on your expertise. You speak and people listen and bend to your will. Without even realizing it, your natural brain is being trained to win arguments with counter arguments. Your brain takes this behavior home. When you try to “fix” your spouse, you find yourself in need of a better habit or a new home.

You do not break great habits either. You build better ones for the right situation and the right time. Isn’t it funny how certain habits can be so good in some context and so disastrous in another? You are what you habitually do, friend. Build better habits. Begin now. Stop trying so damn hard to break the old ones. Focus now on building better. Your brain gets juiced when building it better. It only hurts for awhile, as a few teammates noticed today when they practiced listening on a higher level.

Build better. Baby step it. BIG dreams. Tiny disciplines. Good…

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