Listening is love…

Here’s a good litmus test for listening prowess. When you practice 7 good minutes a couple times with the same human, are you able to articulate the fundamentals of their worldview?

When you are insatiably curious, care deeply about understanding, and go wherever your partner takes you, some magic is in the making. All of us want to be understood. Lean in, make warm eye contact, go where the other goes, you’ll see. It doesn’t take long to get to the core of hurting humans, remember. And, most humans are hurting a whole bunch as they try to move from a hole after a hole after a hole, to becoming whole.

No one can take another further than they’ve gone themselves. Be whole, not another filled with holes. As you’ve settled in to your skin, leader, give this gift to your team. Listen. Learn their holes. Help them label them (not your job to fix ‘em, remember) and learn a hole is really just a hole, we’ve all got ‘em. As you give the gift of listening and mirroring, you’re gonna learn anothers most deeply held beliefs. More significantly, they are too. You see, friend, 7 good minutes isn’t just another good tool. It’s much deeper and wider than that. 7 good minutes is a way of being. 7 good minutes is a way of life. 7 good minutes is pure money for moving from interesting to interested. For a leader, nothing is more powerful than knowing yourself and knowing your team. The more you know both, really know, the more you will love, really, really love.

Nobody has the time. We know this. Don’t be another nobody. Love the work. Love the team. Learn how to listen to love. Listen to love. Become one of the few who are becoming somebody filled with significance, purpose, and meaning – somebody becoming whole. Become a master at listening, especially to what isn’t said like tone and body language, most notably the eyes. Listening is love. Good…

2 thoughts on “Listening is love…

  1. I could easily take this line by line and make a comment! This blog is packed full of wisdom! Being a Builder of Leaders myself and your Partner, I am still learning the power of our Built To Lead Exercise and you certainly nailed it for me……it’s not just some exercise but a way of life…..yes!!! I think I knew that it was way more than an exercise but after I read your blog, this Old Builder is going to drill a little deeper!
    Thanks Chet!

  2. Amen… listening with the face of grace is a gift of love. Thank you God as you listen you have a way of showing us our deepest hole isn’t really a black hole at all – you help us see it’s an opening to be filled from within by you so it can overflow with grace which can then listen to others. Who knew? You knew.

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