Integrity gaps…

Today, during practice 47, we did the hardest work this team has ever done in BTL team practice. We looked in the mirror. We identified a deeply held belief and a behavior that is out of alignment – an integrity gap. I shared a couple of my integrity gaps. One was around my relationship to alcohol. This one wasn’t hard to share but I could tell it did not go down easily for many participants as it may have hit too close to home. You see, I’m not a binge drinker or an alcoholic but I still have a problem. I’m out of alignment and straightening up, as I told them.

All humans have integrity gaps. The best among us keep the right secrets, remember. So, today, we looked in the mirror and came clean regarding some of our own bullshit. We got busy aligning our stuff instead of looking out the window at you and yours. Looking out the window is so much easier than looking in the mirror, isn’t it? The team did well. I’m tired and smiling as the day is winding down. There is nothing better than doing the work within and knowing that you are getting more aligned by changing behaviors to match beliefs vs. changing beliefs to match behaviors. Big diff. Do you see it?

Stop rationalizing. Repent, instead. Change self limiting behaviors, my friend. Move from filled with holes to feeling more and more whole. The truth will only make you miserable for a moment or two or three. The truth will, in the end, set you free. Get clear on your bolted on beliefs. Look in the mirror. Talk to a few truth tellers to illuminate your blind spots. Listen. Let it in. Stop covering up whatever is your blemish with the latest form of make up. Instead, root it out of your system. Straighten up. Stand. Align. It will feel good to become more whole and to have an ever increasing sense of integrity.

Today, we practiced the process of closing our own integrity gaps. Real. Hard. Work. Good. Really, really good…

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