Repent. For many of us, just reading this word makes something inside us kinda tighten up. We are almost repelled by the mere mention of this word. For many, the reaction is visceral. We often think of this word as something to be avoided, like I don’t want to feel the need to repent or repair because it requires me to acknowledge that such a need even exists. So, we tend to rationalize away whatever caused that word to enter our mind and simply do what normal humans have done since the beginning of time – we move on. We ignore the internal nudge. We move on. Nothing changes.

Repent, according to Merriam – Websters definition, is “to change one’s mind.”

So friend, you only have two options available if you want to feel more whole, more united, and an ever increasing sense of personal integrity. You can rationalize your behavior to better align it with your deeply held beliefs or you can repent – change your mind – and decide to deeply change your behaviors that are out of alignment with your beliefs. Repent is not a four letter word. Stop acting like you’re whole when you know you’re not. The best among us understand that ever increasing integrity is the beginning and the end of excellence – the alpha and omega, if you will.

Repent. Repair. Restore. Renew. Who knew this kinda rebirth will change us from the inside out? Who knew?

God, help me move from hole to whole. Same sound, but one w is the difference and a world of difference it is. Integrity,in BTL terms, is where beliefs = behaviors. When beliefs = behaviors we are whole. None of us will ever arrive here, at least that’s my belief. There are no perfect humans. So, if that is true, we’ve all got some holes. Make sense? So, friend, slow down and think about these questions for a bit. Are you aware of your deepest held beliefs? Have you wrestled with them sufficiently to make them your own? Do you know what you believe about the big questions in life? What hole or holes are you turning toward with a blind eye? What blemish or blemishes are you still covering up? What speck in anothers eye is crystal clear but you cannot see the plank in your own? Are you building ever increasing integrity – changing behaviors to match beliefs? Slow down and reflect.

Repent. Change your mind. Good…

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