Stop being so proud, friend. We throw the word around as if it’s a compliment toward whomever it’s intended. It’s not. You see, when I tell you that I’m proud of you, it insinuates that it’s all about me – because it is. Even when you mouth something broader, like “I’m a proud American, or I’m proud of this team,” here you go, leader, inferring that it is indeed about you. Do you see this? Pride is the deadliest of the 7 deadly sins, remember. Pride puts us on a pedestal and it’s perched atop sandy soil. Do not build here.

Start practicing gratitude. Be happy for another, be glad you’re an American, and thankful to be with other strong teammates besides which you are privileged to perform good, meaningful work. Nothing energizes the insides like a grateful heart. Nothing clogs the arteries like a hardened, pride filled one. Build inner strength, develop a strong sense of self, and help others do likewise. Practice moving from self centered/other controlling toward BTL core centered/self controlling. Make sense?

Today, choose your perspective wisely. I’m coming alongside you, friend, and it’s good to be with you. I’m thankful to have you climbing with me and transforming together. Lets keep working. Good…

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