Dream and do it, anyway…

Recently, a client asked me how to hit reset when out of gas with regard to your labor, even your labor of love. Sometimes, friend, you simply need to step away and relax, rest, and unwind for awhile. Sometimes you gotta rest to reset. Sometimes. However, in our soft society that’s getting softer, oftentimes you simply need to do a little bit more with the help of a few friends. This has rarely been a popular option. This is becoming really rare in our newfound enlightened state as it seems we’ve bought the new adage of “trust your feelings,” over the ancient wisdom of don’t. Excellence requires us to baby step forward, oftentimes, when we don’t feel like it!

Dream and do. Dream and do it, anyway.

You will not expand your capacity for work by simply hitting reset by eliminating an e, by rest. If you want to endure the valley, the dip, the desert, or that hard to explain point right before deep change, you’ve got to keep pushing through the hard stuff when turning back is all your mind can seemingly register. You need to repent, friend. You need to change your mind and teach your mind/body/spirit that it can do more than it thinks. The best way to build endurance is to find some family, friends, and clients to come alongside and make you do what you can.

Willpower will only take you so far, friend, on your own. Individual and collective willpower can take you through your imagined limits if you’re willing to hit reset by hitting it hard with the help of some high performers who just might humble you as they administer the hurt. Hitting reset is rarely easy. Hit it with the help of a friend or two. Go on, hit it. And, remember, it helps to have a big, positive dream you’re aiming toward. Nobody lasts on the do, do trail. Dream and do. Dream and do it, anyway. Trust this. Trust the BTL process and dream big alongside tiny disciplines. You don’t need to endure anything crazy, just get started with some baby steps toward something BIG that you believe matters.

Together we dream and do. Together we do more than we think. Together we endure more. Together we transform. Today, four of my friends and I are gonna have fun enduring together. We are going to dream and do – dream and do it, anyway.

Always together. Good…

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