Time to talk, Jim Gant…

Recently we received this comment on the blog written by Jim Gant. I’m posting it here for Jim and his BTL friends to see. I’m posting it here because I too am grateful to know Jim Gant. Enjoy this, Jim Gant…

“My name is Tom Darden. I attended the infantry mortar leaders course with Jim. He is by far one of the best warriors I’ve ever met. We became fast friends for the duration of the course. I was fortunate to have crossed paths with him again at Ft. Bragg 2001 during the time of the attacks. I would love to make contact with him again. He’s a good man who’s been given a raw deal. Had I never met the man all I would to know is that he brought his men home. That’s the top award as combat leaders we all strive for. If by chance you speak to him, please let him know I would love to talk with him again. If not, at least tell him SFC Darden says hello!”

Thank you, Tom Darden, for taking the time to read this rant. You remind me that we never know the ripples of battle, the ripples of kindness, or the ripples of anything we’ve said or done. God bless you for somehow finding this rant. It’s time to talk, Jim Gant, to one of the many men/women with whom you, sir, have left a mark. You, kind sir, have left quite an amazing mark. So happy for you…

Remember, friends, you too are leaving a legacy. Every action sends a signal to those that follow you. You cannot control how they receive it. You cannot control if they understand it. You cannot control if they use it for good or not so good. You cannot control the inevitable ripples, especially today, especially online. You can control the root of who you are, and what you send, at least from the original source. You can control you. Signal love. Signal mastery. Signal charity.

It is time to talk, Jim Gant – time to talk. Good…

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