A human being…

The BTL purpose (defining statement of our work) is as follows:

“Together we awaken, challenge, and transform a few individuals, teams, and leaders into one, distinct and deeply connected. One becoming BTL. Together we transform from a lone to all ONE – one L of a difference.” The more we meditate on these thoughts, the more we realize how freakin’ magic is this message. I mean come on man, how badly does our world need to move from a lone wolf mentality, from a lone tribe tendency, and from any number of an us vs. them mindset? We are not meant to go it a lone and we are not meant to create some kinda us against the world culture either. We are all, in the end, just humans, right? We are all one…

So, friend, regardless your race, gender, privilege, or position within your tribe, remember this – we are all members of the human race. The strongest are revealed by the way they treat the weakest, the mediocre middle, and those few in pursuit of excellence. We want to be catalysts for transformation where you live and work. We want, together, to transform every system we deliberately practice with from a lone to all ONE. We understand this is a lofty aim and one we will never master or attain. We will keep working, however, and we know that this work will mostly be to awaken, challenge, and transform each of us from within. The greatest leadership challenge is always leading ourselves, isn’t it?

God, help me remember the L of a difference is always more love. God, help me see this world the way you do and be a catalyst for transforming alongside those few in my sphere of influence. God, help me move from a lone toward all ONE. God, help me remember it’s not a race either – it’s about being – a human being.

God, help me move from another racing human toward simply becoming more of a being – a human being.

God, help me realize you don’t want to run me ragged. God, help me to find my rest in thee. God, help me to make my peace with my place and simply keep working (opus), keep working (opus), and keep working (opus) until you call me home. From a lone to all ONE. A human being. A collection of human beings. Have a great day being, friend. A human being.

A human being. Good…

1 thought on “A human being…

  1. This is a crazy good, and eerily timed, rant Chicker. I called you on Friday and Saturday morning to talk about this very concept. I have an idea about it and can’t wait to share.

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