Sick and joyful…

Remember, teams fail because individuals fail.

Last night, during practice 23 with a team of ballers, we shared a few sacred moments and we laughed a lot. As Tay said, “This team appears to have a mindset of work hard and work fun.” I had never heard it said quite that way but I loved it and loved how he explained it. The team snapped their approval. Last night we shared our top three bolted on beliefs and had a hard time dialing ‘em up. When I asked them to figure out their most self limiting belief, however, it was freakin’ top of mind. We are wired to remember the negative; the positive, not so much. Remember hard on self, not down on self.

I shared some negative stuff going down with their generation – iGen(iPhone generation). Tons of young women born in 1995 or later suffer from FOMO and worse yet, FOBLO. FOMO is fear of missing out. FOBLO is fear of being left out. Sadly, many women feel excluded by their own kind, and it runs rampant on social media. I challenged this team that we gotta fight this and, instead, go out of our way to become ultra-inclusive. The smiles, laughter, and the way they shared space together, told me this is sinking in. Good.

They got the message. They know this. And, they need lots of reminders. We all do.

It is hard to be all one. The world wants to separate us and make us a lone. One L of a difference, huh. I played to this fear by breaking apart one team and splitting them unequally into the other three teams. I didn’t introduce the new teammates and told the group to just start where they left off. I created a Petri dish for feeling alone or a lone and loved how the chemistry of inclusion was immediately apparent. This team has a great vibe and feel. Their leaders are laying down the foundation for a strong culture – it’s just gonna take time.

As practice wound down, I primed the team with a few habits of the elite. Hard on self, not down on self. Measure progress looking backward. Dream big about going forward. Do not measure how far you have to go. Measure how far you’ve come. Encourage each other and challenge out of belief, not frustration. Don’t wait for your leaders to show you the way to the promised land, pave the path yourself. Skills matter. Effort matters more. Inspiration is love based. Motivation is fear based. Choose love. Love this sport and love this team. Practice 24 is gonna be all about love as the leader is gonna share something special – His OPUS.

I’ve been sick the past couple weeks. I’m not sick and tired, however. The many teams we’ve been blessed in building have been returning the favor. My bride has been unbelievable! So, I’m sick and joyful. Sick and joyful – the power of opus, friends. Blessed. I’m holding on to these positive thoughts heading into this weekend. How ‘bout you, friend?

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