Dogs, you most likely already know, are social animals. They don’t do well alone. Cats, on the hand, could care less, a lot less about belonging to a clan.

Humans are ultra-social. We die when isolated and alone. We may not die immediately, but we will slowly wind down when we fail to belong to someone, some clan, company, or community. Humans are ultra-social. Here’s a troubling statistic. We are becoming more and more a lone as we find safe connections online instead of face to face. Do not buy the lie of deep connections to a screen. The need is for physical connection. Invest more time with physical humans. Your soul knows the difference between artificial and real connections. You are ultra-social. Pet your dog. Phone a friend. Go, be with. Talk.

Talking, remember, is “speaking and listening to another human.” Talking is not texting, tweeting, liking on social media, or posting emogis for goodness sakes. Talk. Tune in. Turn toward. Stop the pattern of turning away, turning against, and taking endless swipes across the screen. Talk. Today, during three team practices and a couple one on one practices, I’m reminding humans of the power of “being with” instead of the very popular alternative of slinking away, mastering the swipe across the screen and taking swipes behind the anonymity of social media. We’re dogs not cats. We are the ultimate social animal.

Lets talk. Good…

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