You choose…

Today, walking in to practice 234 with k-dev krazies, my body was hurting. I’ve been unusually sick during the month of October. No energy. Life, remember, is mainly an energy management problem.

By the end of practice with 42 participants (one of whom was there for the first time), my entire being felt better. No drugs. No miracle cure. No change in my sore throat, sorry lungs, or weakened, weary legs. Simply being with Tay, Brett, Frankee, Chris, Brianna, Jiggles, Ianmiller, Welkies, Lauren, beardedone, Ashley, Jessica, and many more k-dev krazies, had restored my soul. Energy, even if only for a brief while, had returned to my system. I felt better. I caught something worth catching from these krazies.

Life is an energy management problem. Nothing energizes your being more, friend, than love. This is not a cheesy thought, doc, this is a fact. Hard opus, you will sustain as you tire. Hard labor? You will disdain as you perspire. You choose. Your choices have consequences. Good practice 234, team. Thanks for helping me heal. Your energy was contagious and worth catching. Thank you all.

I’m gonna get a little rest before practice 267 with Team Choice. I’m listening to my early warning system and not pushing it, at least not today. I’m choosing wisely. How ‘bout you, friend? Are you laboring in love or laboring in vain? How do you feel after hard practice in whatever is your pursuit – filled or depleted? Are you choosing to be with people that fill you or deplete you? Are you regulating emotions in the room or simply reflecting ‘em? Choose wisely, friend. Remember, you always have choices. You choose.

Thanks for the lift, krazies. Good…

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