Masters of repair…

Today, during one on one practice with a BTL leader, we went back to the 12 playbook and read and wrote about building character. Here’s the melody line of today’s lesson – BTL leaders are imperfect and always under construction – all humans are. The best amongst us have bought this hook, line, and sinker. Instead of falling into the ever popular “victimhood” and blaming others for what ails them, these second nature leaders (like my client) have made it a habit of the heart to look in the mirror instead. Looking in the mirror reveals truth. You and I have blemishes to behold. If we’re to build our character, we’ve got to stop covering ‘em up and root them out instead. Make sense?

Today, my client decided he’s got repair work to do. You see, friend, the best amongst us are masters at repair. Your relationships with family, friends, and clients are in constant maintenance mode. Are you kidding me? Nope, I’m not. And, you and I are over-tuned to our own sense of justice and most of the time just waiting for another to take the initiative and make the move toward us. Stop being normal and build a better nature, a second nature. All virtue, remember, is built by not doing what comes naturally.

Embrace your role as maintenance man. All leaders are masters of repair. Stop waiting for others to make things right, you know. Initiate. Pick up the phone, put out your hand, and open up your heart and mind, friend.

Want a better team? Become a maintenance man/woman – a master of repair. You and your team just got better; bitter, not so much. Good.

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