Passion. Purpose. Patience…

How many of you know the names Nick Thomas or Chris Salih? Some of you reading this from central ohio may know them as Nick grew up here and Chris claims OSU home. They both joined their friend, Tyler, in playing music in a basement buried in the middle of nowhere, not Nashville, and not LA. His friend Nick began playing alongside in 2007, and Chris joined the band in time for their first self released record in 2009. Both left in 2011 (One in may, one in June) to pursue other interests. The band was playing local all ‘round Columbus and it wasn’t going so great. Josh had joined before they released their second album, and Tyler’s mom was hanging around OSU’s campus handing out copies. In November that same year, Tay, Miss, and I attended their first sold out show. There were 800ish folks packed into the Newport and this moment was their big break. They were four years old as a band.

Today, you may know this duo as Grammy award winning – Twenty One Pilots. Last summer they hung with Coldplay and U2 in prep for stadium tours coming someday soon. Trench, released this year, is their fifth studio album and most shows all over the world are selling out as fast as you can say – stressed out. They are now eleven years old as a clan (all bands are more clans than anything else).

So, what’s the message my friend. Simple, really. Pursue your passionate purpose with patience, friend. Remember, the road is long and winding toward whatever is your aim. Dream and do. Dream and do. Dream and do with passion, purpose, and large doses of patience. Most will quit before the gig at The Newport, much less The Schottenstein Center. Patience. The bigger the dream, the more patience, please.

Passion. Purpose. Patience. Good…

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