BTL triple D….

Define. Dream. Do.

This is the new BTL triple D. This is the one you want. You may recall the other triple d which has been hardwired since birth regarding your natural response to change. Most humans, aren’t even aware they triple d like a master when it comes to receiving feedback from others. Instead of letting it in and letting some of it lead to lasting, deep, change – they triple d both it and the messenger (defend, deny, destroy). They defend their position, deny the need for change, and destroy the one who brought it up. Stop this triple d habit now. Begin building a better triple D habit. The new BTL triple D, is gonna change you at your core, change your life’s direction, and catalyze your next move forward to your dream state. You are long familiar with dream and do, all we’ve done is add another d.

Define – “state or describe exactly the nature, scope, or meaning of.”

The first and very BIG D is this one. You, friend, must define exactly the nature, scope, and meaning of you. You will not dream and do very authentically and persistently if you have not taken the time to define your BTL core. You must define your six pack and keep working to further define it as you dream and do through work and life. This is the only way to stay upright along the road with many obstacles in your way. So, by way of reminder, here’s the definition of the BTL core. You know this and you need lots of reminders. We all do…

Worldview – Define your deepest held beliefs. These are the bolted on beliefs that help you make sense of the world and your place in it. These are your “I believe” statements. Leaders are believers, remember.

Identity – Define the names you call yourself. These are your “I am” statements and nothing brings more clarity than defining I am this, that, and also what I’m not.

Principles – Define the values that mean the most to you. Your values are how you work and live. My big three are model the way, embrace pain and suffering, and embody truth in love. I’ve got a long way to go…

Passions – Define your love to’s. These are your “I love to” statements and pouring your work and life hours into your love to’s is pure energy. Love is jet fuel. When you’re filled your flying. When you’re out it’s a nosedive. More love, please.

Purposes – Define your big why’s for work and life. He who has a why can deal with any how, thank you Nietzsche. Some of your passions are meant to fuel your purposes. When you align these two, its like turbo boost kicking in. Good.

Process – Define your playbook of productive action (PA). You author your playbook for all this. Once you’ve identified the five elements above, it’s a whole bunch of baby steps of PA to keep working and keep refining, tightening, and even deeply changing as you evolve along life’s highway to Heaven.

W.I.P. & 3P. This defines the BTL core. Can you see your BTL six pack, friend? Can you feel it gaining strength? Are you standing where you once buckled? Are you pulling others along? Have you made the move from self centered/other controlling to BTL core centered/self controlling? Slow down and sit with this for awhile. Slow down and talk to one of your truth tellers. See where your behaviors have gotten out of alignment with beliefs. Close some of your own integrity gaps. Stop triple d’ing your world and start building the new BTL triple D. You got this. Keep working, friend.

Define. Dream. Do. The BTL triple D. Good…

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