Face this, friends…

Recently, I witnessed one of my clients becoming overwhelmed with facts, not feelings. This is not good. Your feelings cannot be trusted, at least not all the time, but the facts – aren’t they simply the facts? Facts, according to Merriam Websters definition are “something that has actual occurrence, a piece of information presented as having objective reality, in fact – truth.” I mean if we can’t face facts, it sounds like we’re turning our backs on reality – like we’re running from the truth. Not good.

You see, friends, my client is not clear on who he is and why he’s here. He’s much too concerned about recognition and reputation. Whenever I point this fact out and hit him in the face with truth, he turns away with the dreaded triple d. He shares his feelings and rationalizes that nobody knows, and what in the world makes me so damn certain, anyway. He doesn’t want to hear it. He’s really smart and not very wise. We will not grow old together. Fact.

You friend, have choices to make. You are more irrational than you know. You are prone to all kinda biases like loss aversion and confirmation. When facing facts that require you to change your mind (repent), most humans feel overwhelmed and begin to triple d as a way of rationalizing away the feeling in this moment of truth. Slow down and sit with thought for awhile. Slow down…

Changing your mind feels like a loss and we are wired to avert loss at all costs. So, we do. And, we seek confirmation for our decision from others. “Can you believe, Chester, he’s crazy, right? Can you believe he comes in here dropping bombs and leaving? What does he know? We’re fine aren’t we just the way we are? Nobody knows the answers to who they are and why they’re here, anyway. Everybody, including him just walks around with the halo effect and Monday morning quarterbacking us. Forget him.” And, so they do. In fact, most humans just keep doing what they’ve always done and expecting a different result. This, remember, is the recipe for insanity.

An exceptional life requires us to face the facts, not simply trust our feelings. What facts do you need to face, friend? Grab my hand, I’m here to help. Together we transform, remember. Always together. Good…

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