Good morning, friend. I hope you are warm, comfortable, and beginning this day with love. As for me, I’m reading, writing, and reflecting (kinda my favorite way to start). Most specifically, I’m thinking about the power of one’s worldview – one’s belief system. For what it’s worth, here’s one of my most bolted on beliefs:

The more I learn, the less I know.

For me learning about human existence and excellence, whether individual or collective, is a lifelong journey of discovery. Along this road, I’ve learned a great deal especially since making it my life’s aim back in 1993 and my life’s work in 2002. I’ve learned a lot through steady doses of study, learn, and apply. It’s kinda funny, however, that my sense of certainty has decreased as competence has increased – the more I learn, the less I know. Like Richard Feynman believed, “Statements of science are not of what is true and what is not true, but statements of what is known to different degrees of certainty.”

So, friend, stay open, keep learning, master your craft, deepen your beliefs, and don’t forget that none of us knows much with 100% certainty. Embrace ambiguity. Do not despair. Hold onto hope. Keep working. Help others along the way. I hope to see you soon…

2 thoughts on “Hope…

  1. Another beauty, Toto.

    God help us see things in the world not the way they seem but the way you do.

    God help us see you not the way the world sees you but the way you say you are.

    God help us see ourselves and each other not the way we do but the way you do.

    God help us.

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